Holistic, individualized Sleep Solutions

Hello, I am Joselyne John. My passion is to help you transform the way you sleep.

Does this apply to you?

-You wake up feeling exhausted, and can't even remember what it is like to be well rested.  

-Mostly, you are "tired," "unrested," and "fatigued". 

-You are forgetting a lot, you have to ask people to repeat

-You rely on caffeine to keep you awake

But, darn:

-Caffeine doesn't offer physical rejuvenation. 

Your concentration is poor, you  read over sentences a few times before grasping the meaning

-You are irritable and not as patient as you used to be

-You never have enough energy to accomplish your responsibilities

-Your health is deteriorating 

-You know you can be a better version of yourself mentally, emotionally and financially with better sleep

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A Winding Down Routine for Falling Asleep Faster


Winding-down is a chance for your body to de-stress and calm down to allow sleeping to occur. People who don't wind down have trouble falling asleep and end up sleeping poorly, becoming less productive during the day. It can help to set an alarm for when you wind down. Otherwise, it is easy to keep going, there is always one more task to complete. Create a boundary for when you let go of your day and focus on getting your body ready for effective and restful sleep. Not preparing your body to sleep is like ignoring yourself in the dark. You won’t sleep well when your body is in the “working mode”. Here is your wind-down process in 3 easy steps. 60 minutes is ideal, adjust per your needs and situation.

Working night shifts? Restore your sleep. So, you can save lives without jeopardizing yours.

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Free Consultation. Get individualized action steps

-45 minutes

-Gain clarity on why your sleep is suffering 

-Receive immediate steps to take to improve your sleep

Enjoy this guided meditation for better sleep

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? This meditation can help you let go of the day, relax to fall asleep faster and optimize your sleep quality.

My live events help you and your team to gain strategies to improve sleep. I come to you.

Employee won't talk to you about their sleep issues. However, if your employees are not sleeping well, you will lose $3200-$5000 a year for every sleep deprived worker in lost productivity, mistakes and injuries. You are investing back into your business in  improved productivity. Book your sleep workshop today by emailing 

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What Clients Are Saying :


"I have more energy, have been getting a lot more done "

"I knew that sleep was important, but I had no clue how much it was affecting the specific goals that I was trying to reach. I had erratic sleep patterns.  I couldn’t sometimes sleep because of my brain racing and never really paid attention how much this was affecting my life. Joselyne gave me Knowledge and specific information about how my sleep issue was affecting my life and goals and a strategy on how to fix it.  I implemented her system that very night, and I am now starting to develop a habit.  My body automatically begins to wind down around 10pm, and my eyes automatically open at 5 am, and I feel well rested.  I have more energy, have been getting a lot more done and mostly, I feel like I make better decisions when I am well rested which I think was causing problems in many other areas in my life. She can tailor solutions to my needs and also how she would check in to see how I was feeling and doing with my sleep.  She also is very informative and easy to talk to. I would say hire her because she honestly cares about our well being"-Nya Smith-Assis  

Reach the levels of rest, recharge, and rejuvination you've been missing

If you are not sleeping well, it 's impossible to be healthy

Solving your sleep issues will change your life.

There is no single aspect of your mental, physical and emotional health that is not influenced by sleep.  When you don’t have a restful night, it has a negative effect on your mood, health, family and your work performance and productivity-Everything.  You can only reach your full potential with consistent, complete and natural sleep. 

Your Sleep Solution in 3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Free Sleep Strategy Session

  • A preliminary holistic evaluation of why your sleep is suffering and what you can do about it
  • Next steps to take to improve your sleep: customized tips and strategies
  • Assess if we are a great fit to further help you towards your long-term sleep transformation (Step 2 & 3). 

Step #2: Depth analysis of your sleep health using 5 pillars

  • Understand how sleep is not only affected by your habits but also your hormones, thyroid, gut and nutrition and steps to take
  •  In-depth questionnaire and interview evaluation  to determine the root cause of your sleep issues. 

Step#3: Customized sleep management plan and support every step of the way.

  • Easy, natural sleep solution that works for you, your context and lifestyle
  • Support and guidance: coaching and counseling you through challenges
  • Learn techniques towards long-term sleep recovery and control

Send an email to sleep@joselynejohn .com for more information/getting started.

No, nightly sleeping pills are not the answer

You need to deal with the cause of your sleepessness

Sleeping pills are only effective when used for a short period. Long term use, especially taking sleeping pills every night has negative consequences. Research shows that sleeping pills kill 500,000 Americans annually. Sleeping pills treat symptoms, not the cause and they don't even give you naturalistic sleep. To restore your sleep, you need to address everything that negatively affects your sleep. 

Company or Organization?

I offer fun & engaging sleep workshops while training your team and clients on how to improve sleep to boost productivity and well-being.  

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"I really feel empowered to optimize my sleeping habits"


"Joselyne John, is a powerful, knowledgeable, speaker and sleep expert. I  saw her speak at the wellcare summit 2018 in Tofino Canada. Her talk  changed the way a looked at sleep and I really feel empowered to  optimize my sleeping habits. She also truly cares about people and how  she can help them feel better! THank you Joselyne for such an awesome  and inspirational message."-Dr. Andres Zuleta 

"She has provided me with very individualized planning for my specific sleep fo


"Joselyne is a fantastic coach all around. I have been able to engage with her on many occasions and the latest being for sleep support. She has been so helpful in thoughtfully answering my questions and has provided me with very individualized planning for my specific sleep focus. I really appreciate the kind-hearted, patient, and authentic way that Joselyne engages with me and her audience that I have been able to witness on multiple occasions through coaching sessions, FB Live, and a public live talk I attended. Thank you, Joselyne John, for the amazing work you do!"-Tierra Owen, RN 

"My energy levels were much higher and I felt better"


"My energy levels were much higher and I felt better – but more importantly, I felt good about myself because Joselyne had made me realize that I could make the necessary changes and sustain them. When tests showed that my iron level had improved significantly, my confidence level increased a great deal. Joselyne helped me realize that beyond the numbers, it’s more important to maintain good habits in order to sustain what I had accomplished"-Elisheba Muturi

"Her kind open and authentic vibe will give you a blast in the most positive way possible"


"I met Joselyne recently at our Radiant Wellcare Summit 2018 and I gotta  say what a fit! Joselyne is an amazingly radiant person, with massive  amount of energy at her disposal and in addition with a powerful story  AND a very powerful message. Already being a leader and professional in  her field she is still eager to dive deeper, learn more and take her  work to the next level. Her kind open and authentic vibe will give you a  blast in the most positive way possible. If you want to  know about sleep, how to improve it, or how to implement healthier  sleeping habits even in difficult situations regarding work or how your  life is set up she is that strong companion to guide you in the process.  She also has a bag full of new ideas of how to spread the message and  make the world a healthier and happier place through self empowered  sleeping habits. Thank you!"-Egwin Ertl @ Beyond System

"She is incredibly knowledgeable and truly seeks to help others"


"This young lady is going to revolutionize the way we think about sleep.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and truly seeks to help others improve  their performance and health. You are in good hands!!!"-John Kempf, Kempf Fitness Professional

"I would definitely recommend her if you’re having any issues with sleep"


"When I first met Joselyn I was astounded at how thorough and hard  working she was. Health care is usually a mixed bag when I comes to  reliable advice and plans. But Joselyn is dedicated to helping  ‘you’-meaning she wants to give you a unique plan that will work for  just you. I saw this in her friendly demeanour and warm personality.  However, she is also incredibly knowledgable about how the body works  and how one can improve whatever ailments are of concern. It’s not an  intimidating encounter and she’s very discrete. I would definitely  recommend her if you’re having any issues with sleep"-Romi


The information provided on this website is designated to be helpful for improving sleep and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. For diagnosis and treatment consult your own Physician, Nurse Practitioner or designated medical professional. Taking Joselyne John's recommended action is at your free will and your own risk.