My Mission: 

To help adults improve the quality of sleep, naturally using a 3 step process.

Optimal Sleep, Optimal Health


Adequate sleep (7-8 hours restorative sleep):

  • Improves weight management
  • Boosts your immune system and helps you to fight infections
  • Balances your hormones, and mood
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Increase physical and sports performance
  • Makes you look feel and  youthful 
  • Reduces stress, inflammation and overall burden of disease 
  • Allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized to perform your best and be successful. 

Therefore, healthy living must involve healthy sleep. Healthy eating, healthy movement, healthy thinking and healthy environment without healthy sleep will not get you the life you want. 

Holistic Individualised Sleeping Solutions


Sleep is the answer to so may health problems. There is no single aspect of your mental, physical and emotional health that is not influenced by sleep. 

I am fascinated with natural and holistic options to optimize your sleep. Sleep is not an isolated element. When you are unable to sleep, it is another way for the body to alert you that something is unnatural “wrong”. All elements negatively affecting your sleep must be addressed first in order to restore your sleep (Holistic). 

Solving your sleep issues will change your life and glad to be apart of your journey to better health and vitality. 

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Joselyne John's Qualifications

Certified Adult Sleep Science Coach

Registered Nurse of British Columbia, Canada   

Certification in Health Coaching, University of Victoria, Canada

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Langara School of Nursing, Canada

Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada    

Certificate in Innovative Leadership, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada 

Workshop Designer and Facilitator, Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group, Canada

My Story

Sleep Deprived Nurse to Sleep Expert

I still remember it like many years haven’t passed by. I felt stressed, overwhelmed, downright ‘tired and wired’. I was feeling like I haven’t felt rested in a long time like my body is just fighting through. I felt unfulfilled. While I was helping patients rebuild their lives, I felt like my own life was falling apart. I was too tired to participate in social activities I enjoyed such as hiking, playing tennis and running. I felt miserable and made me question my definition of a life well-lived. 

While attending university I had a bad case of sleep deprivation that leads to being hospitalized for about 4 weeks. When I later became a Registered Nurse working night shifts, I knew I wasn’t ready to abuse my body with sleep deprivation once more. Regardless, the reality of working night shifts made it impossible to optimize my sleep. 

1.    I was tired all the time but was unable to sleep during my days off.

2.    I started having digestive problems, mainly diarrheas

3.    I had more cravings for unhealthy foods, I wouldn’t have planned to eat. I eat every donut, cookie, and treats at the nursing station

4.    I was more anxious than previously, feeling like I was on the edge all the time

5.    I move from working multiple time per week to months without exercising, as other than just walking around the hospital, and as part of my daily errands

6.    I had severe memory loss at (even though I had just turned 30). I forgot where I placed things, I would forget why I was in a room. I would check and check again if I completed my work tasks because I would forget. “Did I give my 10oclock mediations”, “did I make that phone call I was going to make”? 

7.    My facial skin became dry and itchy, tried various creams that did not work for me

8.    My eyes were itchy and red

9.    I dozed off on SkyTrain, and everywhere I didn’t want to sleep and was wide awake when I actually wanted to sleep in my bed

10.    I tried melatonin pills, caramel tea and other over the counter medications but my sleep clock was still off

11.    I felt unfulfilled. While I was helping patients rebuild their lives, I felt like my own life was falling apart. I was too tired to participate in social activities I enjoyed such as hiking, playing tennis and running. I felt miserable, combined the fact that I knew the kind of trouble that was getting myself into. I just couldn’t imagine being sick again due to ignoring my sleep. 

12.    I felt stressed, overwhelmed, downright ‘tired and wired’. I was feeling like I haven’t felt rested in a long time like my body is just fighting through

As a new nurse, navigating through my career, I was grateful for my job. Four 12hour shifts, and 4 days off, a schedule well adopted everywhere, and millions of people coping with it. Exhibiting the above symptoms, somehow made feel like a failure, like I wasn’t strong enough to tackle my job. So, I figured, I only If could maximize my sleep during my days off, I would be able to rest and be the best nurse I can be. I started researching sleep and night shift, in order to find ways to recover from my sleep deprivation. Then I came across eye-opening evidence: 

1.    Working 24/7 puts your body into a state of “biological stress” And that’s even before we set foot into a stressful workplace. As I will explore later in the book, long term stress leads to major health problems. 

2.    The International Agency for Research on Cancer along with the World Health Organisation has listed night shift work as a class 2A carcinogen. 

This has to do with that not sleeping at night depletes melatonin which is an anticancer hormone in addition to initiating sleep. It also has to do with the changes the body experiences when forced to stay up when naturally it should be sleeping. The sleep cycle works on a 24-hour clock and nature put it so humans sleep at night and can only get the benefits of sleep at night as that is when the body and mind rejuvenation takes place. 

Studies across countries and population have shown that working night shifts constantly over a long period of time increases the risk for the following

1.    Certain Cancers

2.    Metabolic problems such as obesity and diabetes

3.    Heart disease

4.    Ulcers and other GI problems

5.    A decline in sex drive

6.    Accidents due to potential drowsy driving

7.    Poor performance and irrational behavior (irritability) 

I started to understand the reasons behind my symptoms. Then I started reflecting and asking myself what I really wanted out of life, and why I wanted I became a Nurse, to begin with. I wanted to help people. It became clear to me, that it is impossible to take care of others if I couldn’t care for myself. Health is truly our best investment. Without health, nothing else matters. Of course, at the time, it seems most health care providers who worked at the bedside worried more about back injury than sleep deprivation.   Adequate sleep actually is important in preventing injuries. 

Then I continued exploring the connection between sleep and health. After taking multiple certifications and training, I realized how I was holding on that was not obvious to everyone. I became a certified sleep science coach and got one on one training by international sleep expert-Christine Hansen. 

Since then I have helped hundreds of clients transform their sleep, find out more under reviews. 

I enjoy seeing one on one, provide training to clinics and teams, and host sleep live workshops

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Joselyne John is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and the creator of “Sleep Success,” an online course that teaches CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes how to go from broken sleep to sleeping a restful seven hours without relying on sleeping pills. 

Joselyne has helped hundreds of people transform their sleep through her one-on-one program, workshops, and presentations. Joselyne was a panelist at the 2018 HMC Diversity Mental Health Conference and has been invited by  Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia and Yukon to deliver a workshop on how to optimize sleep to boost productivity. She has also been featured on “Your Next Shift,” a nursing career podcast discussing her passion and career path.

In addition to being a Registered Nurse, a Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Coach, and a Certified Health Coach, Joselyne has also been trained in Holistic Sleep Solutions, looking at how lifestyle, hormones, nutrition, gut health, thyroid issues, and other health issues impact sleep.  

Joselyne brings this diverse expertise to help her clients to transform their sleep once and for all. Joselyne lives in Vancouver and enjoys running and exploring outdoors and nature.